Learning Documents

Gender, Work and Learning Gender Mainstreaming: Exploring Women's Potential in the Formal Workplace
Authors: Martha Farrell
Women's Political Empowerment and Leadership: Pedagogical Challenges
Authors: Martha Farrell
Gender on the Agenda
Authors: Martha Farrell, Feisal Alkazi, Priti Jain
Sexual Harassment of Women Tea Garden Workers: Case Study in Barpani Tea Estate, Assam
Authors: MFF and Simanta Mazumdar, MFF-NAPSWI Scholar 2016
How Safe are we? Report of Youth-led Safety Audit conducted in Sonepat, Haryana
Authors: PRIA
Manual on Menstruation and Economic & Healthy Menstruation Practices
Authors: MFF and PRIA
सुरक्षित कार्यस्थल सबका अधिकार - असंगठित कार्यस्थलों में जागरूकता के लिये एक पर्चा
Authors: MFF and PRIA
कार्यस्थल पर महिलाओं का यौन उत्पीड़न (निवारण, प्रतिषेद और प्रतितोष) अधिनियम 2013 को गहराई से समझना
Authors: MFF and PRIA
Menstruation: A Special Journey
Authors: Rachel Barr and KBC Youth
Understanding the Incidences and Impacts of Sexual Harassment among the Nursing Staff in Eight Private Hospitals of Guwahati
Authors: Bristi Borgohain, MFF-NAPSWI Scholar 2016



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