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"One of the most pervasive ways of subjugation, intimidation and discrimination against women in the workplace is sexual harassment” – Dr. Martha Farrell

A survey by the Indian National Bar Association conducted in March 2017 showed that nearly 70% of women in India do not report sexual harassment at the workplace. While Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 makes it mandatory for employers to have policies in place to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace, women seldom take recourse to them for the fear of losing their jobs and due to the stigma such a move could entail. Often, employees are unaware about their rights or anti-sexual harassment policies aren’t in place.


Participatory Safety Audit in Sonipat

Authors: Martha Farrell Foundation
Report Workshop on Engendering Leadership in Organisations

Authors: PRIA & Martha Farrell Foundation
Engendering Workplaces - Training Workshop with Employees of American India Foundation (AIF)

Authors: Martha Farrell Foundation
Sensitization Programme for Government Employees on Sexual Harassment at Workplace in South, West and North Sikkim

Authors: Martha Farrell Foundation