Events - Making Workplaces Safe


Date : 03/10/2016 Venue: MFF, PRIA, New Delhi

Congratulations to the First ACU-MFF Fellow!

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Date : 21/09/2016 Venue: MFF, PRIA, New Delhi

Roundtable - Violence, Loss, Grief - Need for Public Actions?

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Date : 15/03/2016 Venue: Gangtok, Sikkim

Training of ICC Members of Government of Sikkim

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Date : 28/01/2016 Venue: Summerfield School, New Delhi

Gender Orientation of Summerfield School Students

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Date : 22/01/2016 Venue: Lucknow, UP

Conducive workplace workshop in Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra

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Date : 20/01/2016 Venue: Lucknow, UP

Where the Mind is Without Fear

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