Events - Making Workplaces Safe - Gender Awareness Workshop in Ambedkar University, Delhi

Gender Awareness Workshop in Ambedkar University, Delhi

Date: 04/12/2019  To 04/12/2019


On 4th December, 2019, Martha Farrell Foundation conducted a one-day workshop in Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) on Imagining safety in a gender-just space to re-enforce AUD’s commitment to creating safe and gender just spaces for faculty and students within campus spaces. It was conducted by Nandita Bhatt using the participatory research methodology through different kinds of art based and group-based activities.

The aim of the workshop was to deliberate on issues of safety within the gender framework. There were 15 participants from AUD. In the first half of the workshop, the facilitators tried to unboxing the gender and understanding that 'Gender' cannot be defined. One cannot assign a particular color, symbol, trait to gender as it is fluid. The discussion also explored the political, religious, cultural and educational impacts on gender and acceptance and how difficult it is to have a balance between self-validation and social validation.

Along with highlighting the challenges and opportunities of safety in gender framework, the workshop also explored the role of students in mainstreaming gender and strengthening the institutional commitment towards creating a gender-just and safe campus for all. They tried to understand what are the safe spaces on campus and what they consider as a safe space. Through participatory safety mapping, they tried to map safety in and outside the AUD campus.