Impact - Kadam Badhate Chalo

Freedom to play Kabaddi

Manyata Patkar is a 15 year old girl from Kolegaon. She has completed her 9th grade and lives with her family of 5. Her father is a driver. Her mother is a domestic help. She has an elder brother who works as a ward boy in a nearby hospital. Her mother encourages her to learn new skills. After joining Anubhuti as a youth leader, she played a major role in mobilizing youth for the events. Since she is a core member of the youth group and a state-level Kabaddi player, she joined KBC. A Kabaddi expert was called to the Freedom to Play Sport events held at Kolegaon. While she was playing the game, the expert took notice of her and offered to teach her Kabaddi free of cost. She has joined the KBC program as a core youth leader and has been working to bring in more girls to the group. She is one of the few girls who began to break the barriers between boys and girls and freely works with boys.

-Manyata Patkar