Impact - Kadam Badhate Chalo

An opportunity to share my own experiences

Sadhna is a 25 year old domestic worker. Along with her partner she contributes to her family of 6. At the end of the month of September she gave birth to her second child. Her older daughter is 4 years old. Her Partner is working as a peon in one school from Dombivali. Sadhna is connected to Anubhuti from last year. She developed herself through trainings & workshops. She is a dashing leader and has a sensitive understanding of situations. Though she is married, she is youth leader from our partner’s perspective. She was very much excited to lead the session of Gender, and she lead it very well with lots of enthusiasm.

Sadhna shared that this session was actually an opportunity to her to share her own experiences with her group. And now she is confident to lead the next sessions not only with youth but with other women too.