Impact - Kadam Badhate Chalo

दुनिया से लड़ने की ताकत है मुझमे

Neha Dhangar   a 17 year old female youth from Kolegaon has joined KBC in 2018. She is presently a 2nd year computer engineering student.                                          

Neha Dhangar is not from Kolegaon basically. Her parents & siblings are staying in Palghar near Dahanu. Her father is a cook in Government Ashram School in Palghar. Her mother is homemaker. Neha is staying in Kolegaon for her education, at her granny’s place. Neha joined Anubhuti recently. I can see her interests & leadership skills. She’s developing her skills enthusiastically & really speedily. Neha is taking initiative in script writing & all the aspects regarding not only street play but team building too. She always takes initiative in mobilizing youth leader & coordinating them, planning & implementing the things youth group had discussed before. She is always ready to work on herself.