Impact - Kadam Badhate Chalo

Rapping to End Child Marriage - Mohit's Story of Change

17 year old Mohit hails from Namunda village in Panipat District of Haryana. He loves rap music. He not only loves listening to it but also loves to compose and sing his own songs. He and his friends sit near the village pond, where he writes and sings his lyrics while they listen and make suggestions.

However, earlier, Mohit and his friends had a different pastime, eve-teasing the girls and women of their village. At the behest of the local KBC facilitator, Mohit started attending the workshops of Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC). It helped him in understanding that such harassment is one of the root causes of social evils like child marriage, low female literacy rate and declining sex ratio.

This led Mohit to realize that his behavior was harmful and detrimental for the safety and dignity of girls and women. From that point on, he decided that he will never harass girls and women and use his music to generate awareness about gender equality. Changing his approach to rap, Mohit stopped writing lyrics that objectified girls and women and focused on creating awareness about child marriage and gender-based violence. He is now working with KBC to put an end to child marriage in his village and other villages in Haryana.