Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Sports Camp in Sonipat

Sports Camp in Sonipat

Date: 30/01/2016  To 01/02/2016

Venue: Sonipat, Haryana

A sports camp was held on 30 January – 1 February 2016 for the youth in Sonipat, in collaboration with ProSports Development. Forty - three girls and seventy - one boys participated in several activities including hand hockey, continuous cricket, ball tag, dodgeball, team relay, blindfold course, rugby bulldog, volleyball tennis, get rid, beat the ball, etc. The youth were encouraged to learn teamwork, communication and leadership through these games.

In the Q&A sessions, all participants expressed they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In the beginning it was hard for the girls to participate but after few games they had built the confidence and hence actively and equally participated in the games with boys. Girls wanted to play more games as some of the girls had never played the sports and they look forward to do more such activities

Vikas 22-year old male, said, "Mile jhul kar khelne se kam ashaan ho jaata hai aur team ka pradshana bhi acha hota hai" (By playing together, it gets easier to play and the team performance also gets enhanced).

Sumitra, another 14 - year old girl, said, " Ek dushare ke sahyog aur taal maal se hum kathin kaam  ko bhi aashaan kar shakte hai aur ghar par bhi apne parivaar ke sahyata kar sakta hai " (With each other’s cooperation and support, the difficult tasks becomes easy which is applied in home also)