Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - How Menstruation ready are you?

How Menstruation ready are you?

Date: 28/05/2018  To 28/05/2018

Venue: PRIA HO, New Delhi

Taking inspiration from the global #NoMoreLimits, Martha Farrell Foundation held a no holds barred in-house session on World Menstrual Hygiene Day with MFF and PRIA staff.

In a fun and interactive session, the Gender Team organised a quiz to check how menstruation ready the participants were. The questions ranged from how menstruation works to the GST on sanitary pads. Not only did it act as a refresher on various issues related to menstruation, it also provided men and women a platform to clear their doubts and learn to differentiate between facts and myth. It saw full participation of male and female staff members including the support staff and housekeeping.

MFF and its members believe in the immense power of a simple question posed to any customary belief or practises, “Aisa Kyu?” or “Why so?”. The session was a way to equip participants in being able to pose this question to menstrual practices. “Women cannot enter religious places while on their period”, we keep hearing, but “Aisa Kyu?” . Participants learnt the importance of questioning all beliefs for themselves.

It also gave men the opportunity to learn about basics of menstruation and educate themselves about what is commonly brushed off as a “women’s issue”.  MFF recognises the importance of practising what we preach and we have started to break the stigma from within our workplaces.

A conversation has been started, with no shame or hesitation and MFF will strive to keep the conversation going and increase awareness beyond this day as well.