Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Gender Through Sports Workshop: Sehore

Gender Through Sports Workshop: Sehore

Date: 23/11/2017  To 25/11/2017

Venue: Sehore, Madhya Pradesh

“Women should have the freedom to do what they want to; both men and women should be treated equally.”
Rajkumar Bakoriya, 17 year old male participant

Gender Through Sports is a module devised by Martha Farrell Foundation (MFF) in collaboration with ProSport Development and PRIA for Kadam Badhate Chalo. In Sehore, local partner organization Samarthan CDS supported KBC. The module has been designed to deal with gender issues in everyday life in a broad sense; dealing with gender stereotypes, gender differences, women’s rights and freedom, sexual harassment and the importance of a gender-just society.

Over the course of the workshop the youth realised how stereotypes surround gender are constructed by the society and are not biological. For example, their perception that girls can’t participate equally in physical activities was broken. They learnt how a number of discriminations that women have to face are because of these gendered stereotypes for example how it is always the girls who are expected to carry our household chores while boys don’t feel the need to contribute in household activities. They acknowledged that patriarchy puts women at a number of disadvantages.

They learned to question societal norms rather than blindly accepting them.  They also learnt to work with each other and take everyone’s opinions in consideration.

The boys also shared their experiences, talking about the responsibilities and pressures that fall on them because of their gender. The discussions brought out how patriarchy affects all and how boys and girls need to work together to achieve gender equality.

63 youth (14 male, 49 female) attended the workshop.