Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Gender Through Sports Workshop: Bhachau

Gender Through Sports Workshop: Bhachau

Date: 23/12/2017  To 25/12/2017

Venue: Bhachau, Gujarat

Our parents and village are worried about society; they don’t want us or any girls to talk with boys because they want to make sure that girls don’t go down the wrong path.
Padhiyar Rasila, 15 year old female participant

Gender Through Sports is a module devised by Martha Farrell Foundation (MFF) in collaboration with ProSport Development and PRIA for Kadam Badhate Chalo. In Bhachau, the workshop was organized in partnership with Unnati. The module has been designed to deal with gender issues in everyday life in a broad sense; dealing with gender stereotypes, gender differences, women’s rights and freedom, sexual harassment and the importance of a gender-just society.

Over the course of the workshop the trainers learnt how deeply patriarchal the society is in Bhachau, starting from school authorities to parents who were not comfortable with mixed gender groups in the workshop.

To work under such circumstances was tough and involved changing the module to fit the scenario. Some of the participants were able to voice their issues and talk about how patriarchy limits their movements and limits interactions between different genders. For them to acknowledge and speak up at all was also an achievement. The workshops managed to provide them with space to say express these issues. It only underlines the importance of modules such as GTS.

30 (18 female, 12 male) youth attended the first day of the camp, 29 (14 male and 15 female) youth on day 2 and 27 (13 male and 14 female) youth on day 3