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We support organizations in enabling safe and dignified workplaces, by helping them meaningfully comply with Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act, 2013. We provide 360° bespoke solutions, that transform compliance into an engaging and learning experience, to ensure a long-term impact.


Annual Report 2016-17: Ending Sexual Harassment in the Informal Sector

Authors: PRIA and MFF
District Level Consultation on Understanding the Safety of Domestic Workers in their Workplaces

Authors: MFF and PRIA
Together, Let's Counter Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Authors: PRIA & MFF
Why Menstruation Matters for Domestic Workers

Authors: MFF
Gender Orientation Workshop at Tibetan Homes Foundation

Authors: MFF
Looking Within, Orientation on Gender for ATI Staff

Authors: MFF
Participatory Research Study into the Sexual Harassment of Domestic Workers in Gurgaon and South Delhi

Authors: Kelly Souza Marron, Trinity College Dublin
Participatory Safety Audit in Sonipat

Authors: Martha Farrell Foundation
Protecting and Promoting Rights of Domestic Workers in India

Authors: MFF and PRIA
Sexual Harassment of Domestic Workers at their Workplaces

Authors: MFF
Strengthening Grassroots Action to End Sexual Harassment


Authors: MFF
Report Workshop on Engendering Leadership in Organisations

Authors: PRIA & Martha Farrell Foundation
Engendering Workplaces - Training Workshop with Employees of American India Foundation (AIF)

Authors: Martha Farrell Foundation
Sensitization Programme for Government Employees on Sexual Harassment at Workplace in South, West and North Sikkim

Authors: Martha Farrell Foundation
Community Mobilisation for Implementation of Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013

Authors: MFF
Deconstructing Patriarchy at Center for Higher Tibetan Studies

Authors: MFF

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