कैसे करें कार्यस्थल में महिलाओं पर हुए यौन उत्पीड़न का निवारण ,प्रतिषेद और प्रतितोष।

कार्यस्थल में महिलाओं पर हुए यौन उत्पीड़न को रोकने के लिए ज़रूरी है उसको जानना और समझना जिसे हम हर एक कार्यस्थल महिलाओं की सुरक्षा और उनके अधिकारों के अनुकूल बना सकें। ...


National Consultative Workshop-SHW Act 2013 for Domestic Workers

Although they make up one of the world’s most long-standing and widespread workforce, domestic workers are frequently overworked, underpaid, and unprotected. Global estimates have established that domestic workers tend to have lower wages, fewer benefits, and hardly any legal or social protections. ...

The Martha Farrell Foundation supports practical interventions which are committed to achieving a gender-just society and promoting life-long learning.

These interventions include:

  Youth-led campaigns engaging youth in gender issues.

  Training and development programs to facilitate understanding of gender mainstreaming in organizations and communities and raise awareness on the issue of sexual harassment.

  Scholarships and fellowships to develop new knowledge and the professional practice of promoting gender equality, leadership of women and prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Momentum for change

Momentum for change

This video takes you through the Foundation’s work of the past year - the lives we have touched, and the successes we have achieved. The road to creating a gender-just society is long and hard. With your support we will continue to walk the path and strengthen the momentum for change.

A short film on the life and work of Martha Farrell

Martha Farrell

Martha Farrell was a passionate civil society leader, renowned and respected in India and around the world for her work on women's rights, gender equality and adult education. She was among 14 people killed in a terrorist attack on a guest house in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 13, 2015. She had been leading a gender training workshop with the Aga Khan Foundation in Kabul at the time of the attack ...